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    After a series of image processing algorithms, the metal surface defect detection equipment based on machine vision detection can identify the defects of metal material and strip surface, such as common roll print, scratch, rust mark, feather grain, bonding and folding printing, which are widely used in steel and non-ferrous metals, which can help to reduce the incidence of leakage and increase the rate of leakage. The quality of the products has made the managers of metallurgical strip completely get rid of the state that the surface quality of products can not be fully grasps.

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    The principle of it is to take a high-speed CCD industrial camera to take real time pictures on the surface of the plate. After the digital processing, the picture is sent to the host for image processing. Through the calculation of the parameters, the characteristics of the sheet images are extracted to detect the information of the surface defects, and then the classification is classified.

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    Secondly, the signal is collected, filtered, detected, balanced, de-noised and estimated in the form of a number of visual detection devices, so as to get the form of signal that meets the needs, including image transformation, image coding, image enhancement, image restoration, image segmentation, image understanding, recognition system and so on.

    基于機器視覺檢測的金屬表面缺陷檢測設備可用于冷軋板、酸洗板、汽車鋼板、不銹鋼板、彩鋼板、鍍鋅板、鍍錫板、鍍金板、 有色金屬帶材及各類復合帶材卷材表面質量檢測。廣泛安裝于冷軋線、開卷線、分卷線、鋼板配送中、其它金屬材料材生產加工線等領域。

    Metal surface defect detection equipment based on machine vision detection can be used for the surface quality testing of cold rolled plate, pickling plate, automobile steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, gild plate, nonferrous metal strip and all kinds of composite strip materials. It is widely installed in cold rolling line, uncoiling line, dividing line, steel plate distribution, other metal material production and processing line and other fields.

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